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IllustratorHow is a company and community offering Adobe Illustrator courses and tutorials and is located in San Francisco. June Escalada and her team founded IllustratorHow in the year of 2021, with the goal of teaching Adobe Illustrator skills online.

Here in IllustratorHow, you’ll find everything related to Adobe Illustrator, tutorials, courses, freebies, tutoring sections, customized plans, etc.

June Escalada

June Escalada graphic design

Hey guys, I’m June. I’m a graphic designer, an expert in Adobe Illustrator…wait, I like to call myself a creative problem solver who has graphic design skills 😉 

See, here at IllustratorHow I’m the founder, designer, and content creator, trying my best to create creative solutions for you.

Why am I doing this? Well, a quote from my favorite Creative Director that I worked with inspired me. 

“When you show someone your process or teach someone how to do something, you’re double-learning it yourself and you’ll see a different angle of the same thing”

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Background & Experience

A little bit about my personal story to begin with. When I was a kid, I was already a huge fan of Advertising and drawings, what a coincidence! My dad still has videos of me imitating the ads on TV, and I started drawing when I was 7 years old when I didn’t even know the word “design”. 

Then I followed my passion and studied Advertising at Michigan State University in 2012. That’s how I started my creative career, and Adobe Illustrator is the tool I use the most since I work mainly on brand design. So I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for more than 12 years now.

I was lucky enough to have opportunities to get some real-world experience during my studies. In 2016, after I graduated, I started working in the creative team of an event/expo company. A year later, I became the creative director of the design team.

After working as a creative director for Expos for 5 years, I decided to become a freelancer and worked with many start-ups so I got to learn something about different industries. 

Why I Created IllustratorHow

In 2020 during COVID, I was rethinking my life, and finally, I decided to do something on my own. In 2021, I created IllustratorHow with the goal of helping you learn something that actually works for your project. 

It took me a while to reflect on my learning journey and I took note of the common questions that people have about Adobe Illustrator to help me create the step-by-step guides that actually make sense from a learner’s perspective. 

What You’ll Get 

Besides Adobe Illustrator tutorials, I also want to share some of the useful tools I use, career tips, and Illustrator freebies (that I created) for anyone who needs them. 

Everyone is using Adobe Illustrator for different purposes, I try to create content that matches every niche – logo design, drawing, etc. But to get the best out of it, I want to hear about your needs so that I can create a customized learning plan for you.

Let’s Connect

If you have any questions or simply want to connect with me, feel free to reach out.

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