Personalized Adobe Illustrator Learning Recommendation

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Just answer a few questions about your Adobe Illustrator learning needs & preferences, and you’ll receive a free personalized learning recommendation from me within 24 hours.

My name is June Escalada, who’s the person behind IllustratowHow here (tutorials, courses, freebies, tutoring sections, everything). 

After 9 years of experience working as a graphic designer for different industries, I learned something really important – instead of searching for a tutorial whenever a problem comes up, it’s better to ask for help in the beginning. That’s why I want to create a personalized learning recommendation for your needs.

Here’s How It Works

Answer the questions below and you’ll receive an email reply within 24 hours with a learning recommendation that works best for your needs and preferences.

Make sure to give your answers as detailed and accurate as possible, as it will help me design a better personalized learning recommendation for you. 

Learning Recommendation Quiz

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