Introducing IllustratorHow YouTube Channel

Hey guys! My name is June, I’m a graphic designer and I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for over ten years. I was quite lost when I first started the graphic design journey and ran into so much trouble, like not knowing what tool to use for the projects, and always ended up taking way longer than I should for easy tasks. 

That’s when I decided that I wanted to help and make it easier for beginners to have a smoother start. I love sharing new tips and tricks with anyone interested in Adobe Illustrator or graphic design in general.

After spending a good amount of time creating step-by-step text tutorials and getting a lot of requests from my readers, I decided to create video content as well!

Yes! IllustratorHow is finally on YouTube!

I’d love to invite all of you to check out my first YouTube video ever! 

On my YouTube channel, I’ll be publishing content about quick and easy how-to guides, short courses, design episodes, Illustrator tricks and hacks that you probably didn’t know, career tips, trending topics like using AI tools for graphic design, and of course industry news!

In short, a bunch of fun and helpful stuff! So, if that sounds like something you’ll be interested in, make sure to check out and subscribe to my channel 😉

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