How Much is Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a subscription design program, which means there isn’t a one-time purchase option. You can get it at as low as $19.99/month with an annual plan. There are several different options depending on your needs, organizations, and how many apps you want to use. 

As a graphic designer myself, of course, Illustrator is a must for my daily work. And I’m using other Adobe programs such as Photoshop, and InDesign. So for me, the best deal is the whole Creative Cloud package. 

That’s right. If you do need to use more than three programs for either school projects or work, the All Apps plan is highly recommended. Oh, and you can always try the free trial and see if you like the programs. 

In this article, you will find the different plans of Illustrator and their cost, which can help you decide on which plan works best for you. 

Indecisive? Keep reading. 

7-Day Free Trial

Not sure if Illustrator is the right program for you? You know that you can download it for free and get a free trial for a week right? It’s a good opportunity for you to try and explore the program. 

To download it and start a free trial, you will need an Adobe ID, which you can set up for free. Once you are signed in, you’ll have to fill in your payment info, but don’t worry, You can cancel the subscription anytime. 

If you do decide to continue the subscription, Adobe will automatically charge you from the payment info that you provide.

Can I Buy Adobe Illustrator without a Subscription?

If you are wondering whether Adobe offers a one-time purchase or a stand-alone pricing structure, the answer is NO. 

I remember Adobe used to offer two payment options: one-time purchase & monthly subscription. But since the release of the CC, Adobe seems to prefer the subscription model and has ditched the stand-alone pricing model. 

So now you have to go with the subscription plan, unfortunately.

Adobe Illustrator Different Plans & Pricing 

Yeah, I feel you. Paying 20 something bucks per month for a single program is a little bit pricy. Well, if you are a student, faculty, school, university, or a business, lucky you! You get some discount! Sadly, I don’t. 

Which membership plan works best for you? I hope the options below help you make a good decision. 

1. Students & Teachers

The best deal is for students and teachers. What’s the deal? 60% discount on Creative Cloud. 

Students and faculties get a 60% discount on Creative Cloud, all apps for only $19.99/month. 

That’s a pretty good deal. 

2. Individuals 

If you are getting an individual plan like me, sadly, we have to pay the full price of $20.99/month for Illustrator or $52.99/month for all apps. 

By the way, the price is for an annual subscription but paying monthly. If you wish to purchase a single-month subscription, it’s $31.49 for Illustrator. 

The All Apps option is not bad if you’re using multiple programs, which you probably will as you get deeper into the industry. So, it’s a good option to consider. 

3. Business 

As a business, you can get Illustrator for $33.99/month per license, which means you can use it on more than two computers. You can sign in on two computers but you can only use it on one computer at a time. Check the term of use for more information.

If you have a creative team, the All Apps license at $79.99/month would be the best deal for you. So everyone can work on different things. You can get 24/7 tech support and one on one expert sessions if you have any questions.

4. Schools & Universities

There are four options for institutions, schools, and universities that are good for small workgroups, classrooms, and labs. 

The $14.99/month Per Named-user License is great for small workgroups. It has 100GB of cloud storage per license, which is great for sharing files. However, this plan requires institutional affiliation.  

For classrooms and labs use, the Per Shared Device ($330.00/yr) can be a good option. There other two options (Per Student Pack and Institution-wide Pack) are more complicated and you can request consultation accordingly. 


The prices and plans of Adobe Illustrator may seem confusing to you at first glance, especially the monthly plan and annual plan monthly payment. The only difference is that for the monthly plan, you can cancel whenever you want without penalty. 

To be honest, once you start using Illustrator working as a graphic designer, most likely you will keep using it. I would say the annual plan is the go-to and it saves 10 bucks per month. 

About June Escalada
Graduated from Creative Advertising major, worked more than eight years as a graphic designer focusing in branding and Illustration. Yes, Adobe Illustrator is my best friend and I’m passionate about art and design.

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  • Mo

    Hi June, is there an alternative to Adobe illustrator. I am just trying to acquire a skill and not sure where it will
    Lead .

  • Shell

    Hi June,
    The information you provided has been very helpful and I am really thinking about getting Ai. I have a question tho, before I start the trial to see how I do. I’m an artist, that paints on canvas and then have my designs put on t-shirts, tennis shoes etc. Can I use the Ai to create my own jpeg etc. and create the graphic to keep from having someone else do the graphic so I can save money. I’m establishing my brand and this is all new to me but I want to be more involved in the graphics and illustration since I am the artist and doing all the paintings. Can I use Ai to design my shoes as well?
    Sorry so many questions. Do you recommend that I look at some Ai tutorials before I actually purchase the monthly subscription?

    • June Escalada

      Hey Shell,

      You can definitely create any graphics using Illustrator, and since you’re already an artist, it should be really easy for you to get started especially if you’re doing illustrations and drawings. Well, you probably need to get a graphic tablet to make that work.

      Sure, there are actually so many courses available to learn the software. Here I shared some of them:

      If not, you can always check out YouTube for specific tools 🙂